PPSU F1960 Fittings

PPSU Product Characters One plus  PPSU fittings are made by injection molding using high strength engineered plastic with high design flexibility and a wide range of options of fittings' type and structure. Easy installation and ensure system's safety, greatly reduce installation time. Reduce the number of fittings in system and reduce the risk of leaking in system. Fittings are NSF 61 and NSF 14 certified. One Plus PPSU fittings are made from a special polymer, Polyphenyl Sulfone (PPSU). PPSU [...]

Cold Expansion Rings F1960 Fittings

One plus? expansion rings are made by high-quality PEX-a. Compared to PERT expansion rings, PEX-a expansion rings have greater long-lasting shape memory and stronger retraction force. One plus? expansion rings install quickly: a special three-dimensional cross-link structure gives One plus? expansion rings shorter retraction time. One plus? expansion rings have a ?stop edge? to prevent slippage during installation. One plus? expansion rings are NSF 14 and NSF61 certified. Quick and easy installation, reliable and more economic Using standardized mechanical [...]

F2159 PPSU Fittings

 Product Characters PPSU fittings are made of a mixture of high-performance polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resin. They are durable, light in weight and corrosion-free. • They can resist chlorine and other substances that may exist in the transportation of drinking water. The heat-resistant temperature is as high as 207 ℃ . They are very good in terms of safety, temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and impact resistance. Through market verification, they are relatively reliable substitutes for copper accessories Standards of Certifications ASTM [...]

PEX-a Pipeline

Product Features HONGYUE PEX-a pipe production scale is the largest in China. It has been selected as ?the leading brand in China for the ground source heating industry,Chinese famous brand in the plastic pipe industry,and the recommended product of the in-floor heating industry.Thanks to the strictly monitored transportation of our raw and auxiliary materials, rigorous testing process, and strict factory test controls, we are the best PEX-a supplier in China. Product Characters Importing LG Chem material, Akzo Nobelcross-linkingagentfromtheNetherlands,GermanBASFantioxidant, warehouse [...]

PEX-a Oxygen Barrier Pipeline

Adopt LG Chem material, warehouse to warehouse transportation, ensures no pollution on material. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature: extreme high operating temperature up to 230°F (110°C ), lowest operating temperature can reach -5° °-50°). 5 layer EVOH pipe has a unique anti-scratch protection layer to prevent the EVOH layer's damage?during the transportation and installation. Oxygen permeability <0.1 mg / L day (DIN 4726) ensures system longevity. Inhibits the growth of bacteria, resistant to scaling/pitting or buildup of [...]